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OUR Process

Photography Project

There are a lot of pieces involved in developing compelling photos for your project. At Snapped Culture, we strive to be as thorough as possible throughout all stages of production, ensuring that the project meets your vision, budget, and expectations.

Step 1


We begin by scheduling an initial meeting over the phone for us to better understand your business, your goals, and to organize the initial details of the project. We value having a personal connection with our partners, and working together to promote exceptional communication.

Step 2

Creative Strategy Session

Next, we ask you a series of questions that will give us the necessary information to make this photo project the best it can be. Together we brainstorm ideas and develop a strategy to not only achieve your goals, but to make the final outcome as creative and unique as possible. We then use this information to drive our own shot planning process. If necessary, we also conduct research on your business’s industry & any potential competitors that you wish to differentiate yourself from.

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Step 3

Pre-Shoot Planning

Laying the right groundwork is essential for developing an outstanding project outcome. Using the information you provided, we decide on the location, the look/style, we decide on a style to shoot (such as more candid based, or more posed, or any other style that may be better suited for your project), shot list, and all other details necessary to bring your vision to life - with your specific goals in mind. We then map out the necessary equipment, shooting days, editing days, and create a schedule that works for everyone.

Step 4

Photoshoot Day

Now that we have our plan together, it is our job to be there - ready and fully equipped with our high-definition cameras, Professional lighting, and variety of lenses we use to capture your story. This is where our professional crew of photographers more come together to capture your creative vision. We make sure the day goes smoothly by having an agenda and communicating everything well in advance.

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Step 5

Post-Shoot Editing

This is where our talented editorial post-production team crafts your story. We provide color-correction/grading, frequency separation creating that model skin look, correct any saturation problems, adjust contrast and lighting, and make sure your story looks exactly like you envisioned. It's at this stage that you’ll see the photos for yourself and decide if you'd like any more edited further.

Step 6

Export & Share

With the final photos complete and your approval signed-off, we send you a link containing high resolution images for your project that can be used for a variety of formats.

Complimentary Revisions

Once you've seen the photos, you will have a chance to share your thoughts with us. There are 2 rounds of complementary revisions for the photos included in absolutely free of charge, within reasonable expectations and within the scope of the original concept.

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